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Nikolaus Deichl GmbH

1986 the family-owned business Nikolaus Deichl was originally founded in Dachau as a precision engineering workshop.

1992 converted into a limited liability company (GmbH), the journey soon changed its direction.

„A sudden call of a nearby located automotive supplier changed the company focus fundamentally.

Back then, we didn’t know what to expect. During the first years the quality inspections were carried out in private premises, only subsequently at the clients facilities. That meant, premises had to be developed and transport arrangments needed to be provided.

I remember with a smile sorting coil springs in the first days of the company. A full trailer load of it was picked up with a Unimog and an agricultural trailer and sorted out on a sunny day under blooming apple trees in the garden behind the workshop by the whole family.“

Jochen Warncke, the managing director

At the time external quality service just started to develop on the business market and the medium sized family business soon established itself as one of the first professional quality service providers.

1999 the Nikolaus Deichl GmbH was already certified according to DIN ISO 9001 by the TÜV Süd. This enhanced the admission as quality service provider at Audi Ingolstadt, where the second location was founded within the same year. Therefore the company was and still is able to provide the fastest possible on site presence directly at the automotive manufacturer and its suppliers.

2010 was the proprietary database (DQ-System) for the processing of all quality problems first applied.

2014 developed the IT-team the proprietary app (DQ-Link) for the cross linking of the employee with the database. Sort dates, working hours and work instructions can be exchanged immediately.

2020 enables the DQ-Portal the cross linking of the customer with the database.

Today the company has the benefit of a broad base of experience and know-how collected over three decades in the field of quality service provider and is represented all over southern Germany as well as the support of clients on site all over Europe.

Being in a state of evolving constantly its technical and digital capabilities, the Nikolaus Deichl GmbH is there for you in the long term as a competent and reliable partner in all sectors of quality management. Through this the company supports you as a automotive supplier in a sustainable manner to comply with the quality needs of the automotive industry market.

Our experienced employee base as well as high quality equipment are available at any time and on short notice to correct quality issues and help you settle customer complaints in a sensitive way. Due to the renowned Residents of the Nikolaus Deichl GmbH, you can get yourself represented at the OEM to consolidate and improve your ranking as a supplier.

Quality assurance 2.0 … the evolution keeps on going…

With the help of digital documentation, evaluation and transparency in a timely manner for you as the customer through the proprietary database it is not only the aim of the Nikolaus Deichl GmbH to find fast and efficient solutions for appearing problems, but also to support you all the way to the accuracy of your production.