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Quality assurance 2.0   -   DQ-System, DQ-Link, DQ-Portal    

What do we mean by this?

For the Nikolaus Deichl GmbH quality assurance of your products means efficient, solution-oriented quality control on the affected component. This also includes the timely digital documentation, evaluation and presentation of the sorting results as well as the accrued costs for work performed to date. We think of ourselves as being your partners and accompany you until your corrective measures are successful.

The online access via the customer portal (DQ-Portal) on our website enables you, as the customer to follow quality measurements ‘life’. The provided graphical evaluations in our database (DQ-System) will help you to check the efficiency of your corrective measures and to optimise those if necessary.

This is what we mean by quality assurance 2.0.



Our DQ-System automatically prioritises the components that have to be processed and displays the range indication by means of a traffic light control on two large screens on our inspection site. For this, we calculate the required amount of checked components from the current stock and production needs.

Therefore, we can ensure the secure supply to Production even at a high level of diversity of parts.




Our team uses our specially created data acquisition app (DQ – Link) on our tablets parallel to the ongoing quality control. Through this, all relevant data is fed into the DQ-System and the working process is being documented.